Application Success in the Transportation & Trucking Sector


Application Success In The
Transportation & Trucking Sector 

Creating a Storage Solution For Box Trucks


“I became involved with Equipto when their District Sales Manager (Beth Borelli) was introducing me to the wide range of storage solutions that they could provide. Beth spoke to every point of concern that we had regarding our needs and layout and in a very short time I was convinced that not only could Equipto supply us with storage solutions, I saw that Beth was completely engaged in making sure that we had the best solution. Beth and her team have jumped into action on each project they have done with us with the highest level of professionalism, skill, and knowledge to provide solutions that not only exceed our expectations. They keep us coming back.

The Mobile Storage/Workstation; this was a very critical project for us. The need for organized storage that also provides a safe environment for our workers was very important. I spoke with Beth regarding my concerns with trip and fall hazards due to the way things were stored in these vehicles and the inefficiencies of finding the supplies required when on the job sites. Beth was very receptive and listened to everything that I was saying and had concerns about. The need for these Mobile Storage/Workstations is very important to the functioning of the job site. Beth and her team came up with a great storage system that was a combination of shelves and drawers. The layout that they put together made a night and day difference in the ability to navigate through the truck and also ease of locating parts. In addition and much to the delight of the guys, Beth was able to incorporate a workbench inside the truck that even came with a power strip to be plugged in. This project was a complete success, and now the truck is truly a Mobile Storage/Workstation.               

In closing, I would like to express that the solutions and products that Equipto provides are great. I will continue to turn to them for shelving and mobile storage needs with full confidence that they will design the best solutions possible. I would also like to express how I am impressed with the company as a whole. The professionalism and concern for the customer are seen throughout everyone I came in contact with. Beth, my district sales manager, the installers, the office workers, and people in supporting roles all worked together to make it a good experience and ensure complete satisfaction.”

Michael Schuhlein, Vice President of Heavy Equipment – Petillo, Inc.

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