Distribution Center & Fulfillment Crossover Platforms

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The growth of the fulfillment and distribution center market prompted Equipto to develop a more robust set of crossover bridges for higher traffic/larger crossover spans as well as the growing need for code compliant egress within these environments.

IBC- and OSHA-Compliant Conveyor Crossovers

Our IBC- and OSHA-Compliant Conveyor Crossovers help aid in the ability for distribution centers and fulfillment centers to meet the high consumer and business expectations of fast delivery, customizable orders, and increased product availability. Our conveyor crossovers are designed specifically to meet the most stringent compliance regulations and safety requirements while offering the flexibility large-scale fulfillment and distribution centers need to keep business running smoothly.

Along with the flexibility of design, layout, and height adjustment, the platform crossovers are ready for use in high seismic areas and can be provided with stamped drawings and calculations when needed for city, county, or state code compliance.

Conveyor Crossover & Platform Flexibility

Warehouses are anything but static, and our crossovers are ready to move when your needs change. Constructed with high-quality hot-dipped galvanized and powder-coated steel, our customizable and configurable systems can be taken apart and put back together easily in a different location if needed — and they’re also designed, out of the box, to build a U-shaped, Z-shaped, L-shaped, and I-shaped crossover based on your footprint — without extra parts or cost.

Platform Configurations to Meet All Your Warehouse Needs

Low-Height Platforms:

EQUIPTO’s Low-Height Platforms are a landing that helps aid in positioning employees at the correct height next to a conveyor or other work surface. This solution is perfect for sorting applications. Available in a variety of lengths and several different stairway configurations — one platform end, at both platform ends, with one or two railings.

Elevated Platforms:

Elevated Platforms provide access to elevated conveyors for employees. Elevated Platforms only have one stairway. Similar to the other platforms, the Elevated Platform has the same EQUIPTO features and safety measures to ensure safe and productive access.

Maintenance Platforms:

Maintenance Access Platforms provide access to elevated conveyors by engineers and maintenance personnel. Ships starways, a steeper stairway, help reduce the floor footprint the platform takes up. This is perfect for those difficult or tight spaces that still need access for repairs and maintenance.


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