Conveyor Crossover Bridges & Platforms

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Keep your workers safe and your business running smoothly with EQUIPTO’s durable, reliable, and versatile conveyor crossover bridges and crossover platforms.

The growth of large-scale fulfillment and distribution centers prompted EQUIPTO to create an enhanced line of conveyor crossover platforms and bridges to:

  • Handle higher worker traffic
  • Straddle wider spans
  • Meet increased safety requirements
  • Offer unparalleled flexibility

EQUIPTO manufactures high-performing, long-lasting conveyor crossover bridges and platforms that provide a safe, uncluttered path for your workers to get up and over conveyors, ducts, pipes, machinery, busy work zones, and other workplace obstacles and potential hazards, comply with the most stringent regulations, and can be configured perfectly into your operational space.

Product Features & Benefits

EQUIPTO’s conveyor crossover platforms, bridges, and stairways provide


safe, multi-level access up, across, and down from conveyors. EQUIPTO’s versatile design provides for multiple configurations using the same components, allowing for multiple shapes and altering the exit path if necessary.

EQUIPTO’s conveyor crossover bridges and platforms are expertly engineered, skillfully manufactured, and rigidly tested to provide the safety you require.

EQUIPTO’s conveyor crossover bridges and platforms also:

  • Conform with International Building Code (IBC) requirements
  • Meet seismic codes upon request
  • Have flush top stair
  • Utilize two-piece safety tread with safety for optimal toe-kick
  • Easy to assemble – no cutting or welding required
  • Include non-skid steps
  • Can handle 125 pounds per square foot
  • Contoured handrail and post design
  • More than 200 sizes available
  • Constructed of hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, permanently or temporarily
  • Adjustable deck height
  • Decking options include bar rack, perforated, solid and Tuffdeck

EQUIPTO also manufactures low rise landings to position employees at the correct height next to a conveyor or other work surface, most specifically in sorting applications.

Stair Configurations

These units are available in a variety of lengths and with several different stairway configurations:

  • Single platform end
  • Dual platform ends
  • With one or two railings

Industries Served

From the smallest workshop to the largest eCommerce fulfillment facility, EQUIPTO provides the perfect crossover bridges and platforms for a wide variety of industries and businesses:

Ecommerce Distribution/Fulfillment

  • Warehouses
  • Fulfillment centers


  • Dealerships
  • Parts warehouses


  • Home improvement stores
  • Storage facilities
  • Large-scale warehouses

Expert In-House Installation Team

EQUIPTO offers on-site installation by a team of dedicated in-house professionals. Because they work exclusively with EQUIPTO’s products, our experts know every facet of our designs, ensuring top-quality installation.

A Partner for Storage & Material Handling

EQUIPTO has the experience, expertise, and equipment to solve your most challenging storage needs.

  • In-house experts provide on-site, high-quality installation
  • Company in operation for more than a century
  • Products made in America
  • Equipment sold and distributed across the United States, Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America
  • Diverse customer list – from Harley Davidson and Boeing to Spencer Gifts
  • Global headquarters in Tatamy, PA


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