EQUIPTO has a new certification!

We are proud to announce our newest certification: The City of LA Department of Building and Safety Fabricators Certification.

This Fabricator Certification is considered to be the most advanced and thorough application processes and exams in the U.S. for fabricators. By earning this certification from the City of LA’s Department of building and safety, Equipto can now fabricate materials and solutions in their home town of Tatamy, PA and have them safely installed according to rigorous standards in the state of California. It also means that Equipto is now permitted to do fabrication on-site in the state of California, Nevada, and Arizona.

With this new certification, we continue to show our commitment to safe, high-quality solutions, and installations. Beyond the specialty, City of LA Fabricators certification, Equipto is also IBC and OSHA compliant with many of our products.

View the press release on this prestigious certification.