The Leader in Military Space Utilization

The Leader in Military Space Utilization

Don’t wait until September.  If funding permits, be ready.  Forecast your mission essential requirements now!

V-Grip Shelving 

Accomplish the mission with an industrial-strength military shelving system designed with unmatched structural integrity and versatility.  Equipto leads the industry in producing the most comprehensive selection of accessory components.

Work Centers & Work Benches 

Need a flat work space to perform administrative tasks or maintenance? Streamline production with a built to last Equipto Work Center or Work Bench.  Multiple configurations available.

Mobile Aisles 

Get organized while increasing your storage footprint and decreasing dead space.  Equipto Mobile Aisles are ideal for parts and supply rooms, pilot gear, paralofts, central issuing facilities, and armories.  Extremely versatile with endless applications.

Mezzanines, Platforms & Deck Overs 

Need more space in your motor pools, warehouses or hangars? Build up!  Double or triple your storage capacity with an Equipto pre-fabricated modular Platform or Deck-over.  Precisely manufactured and tailored to the command or unit’s specifications.

Modular Drawer Cabinets 

Maximize your cubic space with better visibility and accountability of parts or tools.  Every heavy-duty Equipto Modular Drawer Cabinet is engineered and manufactured with exacting precision for years of rugged use.

Conex/Intermodal Container

Overflow storage problem?  Outfit your existing Conex with an Equipto module shelving kit.  Configured with or without drawers.  Ideal for storing bench stock, spare parts, tools or associated items.  Permanent or temporary use.

Contact your local Military Sales Manager today! 

Central United States
Kelly Kellams
Director of Military Sales
Ph: 407-718-0740

Western United States
Kevin Blake
Military Sales Manager
Ph: 760-443-3306

Eastern United States
Jeremy Richardson
Military Sales Manager
Ph: 757-968-8202

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