Golf bag storage

Golf Bag Storage (Clubstor)

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Golf storage

Golf storage

EQUIPTO is proud to offer the Clubstor® line of golf bag storage systems. Clubstor® was developed to offer space saving solutions for country club bag storage rooms. With over 30 years experience and over 500 installations worldwide, Clubstor® is your golf bag storage solution!

Clubstor® products are backed with a structural lifetime warranty to the original purchaser. We make every effort to provide you with the best service and highest quality products to meet your specific needs.

  • Fixed and mobile systems
  • Store 67% more bags in the same space
  • Provides optimum ventilation to eliminate mildew
  • Middle shelf is adjustable in height, up or down, to fit difficult storage situations
  • Fabricated from all prime steel construction with no wood components

Clubstor website
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