Installation Instructions


Bench and Desk Cabinet (Bench and Desk Cabinet.pdf)
Cabinet – Wall Hung (Cabinet – Wall Hung.pdf)
Cabinet 1735 – Storage (Cabinet 1735 Storage.pdf)
Caster Base (Caster Base.pdf)
Caster Channel (Caster Channel.pdf)
Clearspan Ladder Crossover (Clearspan Ladder Crossover.pdf)
Crossover Bridge (Crossover Bridge.pdf)
Disc Storage Rack (Disc Storage Rack.pdf)
Door Handle – Locking (Door Handle Locking.pdf)
Door Mounted V-Grip Shelving (Door Mounted V-Grip Shelving.pdf)
Film and File Units (Film and File Units.pdf)
Heavy Duty Bar and Reel Rack (Heavy Duty Bar and Reel Rack.pdf)
Locks – Cabinet Slide Locks (Locks – Cabinet Slide Locks.pdf)
Parts Bins (Parts Bins.pdf)
Rack Bar and Reel Heavy Duty (Rack Bar and Reel Heavy Duty.pdf)
Reel Tower (Reel Tower.pdf)
Return Desk 360R (Return Desk 360R.pdf)
Wardrobe Storage Cabinets
Wire Rack Back and End Panel (Wire Rack Back and End Panel.pdf)
Storage Door Cabinets (Storage Door Cabinets 2.pdf)
Super Duty Caster Base (Super Duty Caster Base.pdf)

Iron Grip

Iron Grip Shelving (Iron Grip Pallet Rack.pdf)
Iron Grip Shelving 2 (Iron Grip Shelving.pdf)
Drawers into Shelving for Iron Grip (Drawers into Shelving.pdf)


Platforms – Generation II Railing (Mezzanine – Generation II Railing.pdf)
Platforms – Generation III (Mezzanine Generation III.pdf)
Platforms – Generation IV (Mezzanine Generation IV.pdf)
Platforms – Shelving Floor Support (Mezzanine Shelving Floor Support 2 .pdf)
Platforms – Walkway (Mezzanine – Walkway.pdf)
Platforms – Handrail (Mezzanine Handrail.pdf)
Platforms – Landing (Mezzanine Landing.pdf)
Platforms – Modular – General (Mezzanine Modular General.pdf)
Deckover (Deck Over.pdf)

Mobile Aisle

Mobile Aisle (Mobile Aisle.pdf)
Mobile Cabinet (Mobile Cabinet.pdf)

Modular Cabinets

Modular Cabinet – 2 (Modular Cabinet 2 .pdf)
Modular Counter Sliding Doors (Modular Counter Sliding Doors.pdf)
Modular Counter (Modular Counter.pdf)
Modular Drawer Cabinet Drawer Slide (Modular Drawer Cabinet Drawer Slide.pdf)
Modular Drawer Cabinet Leveler (Modular Drawer Cabinet Leveler.pdf)
Modular Drawer Cabinet Lockbar (Modular Drawer Cabinet Lockbar.pdf)
Modular Drawer Cabinet Walkway (Modular Drawer Cabinet Walkway.pdf)
Modular Drawer Cabinet (Modular Drawer Cabinet.pdf)

Quick View Storage Cabinet

Quickview Storage Cabinet (Quickview Storage Cabinets.pdf)

Shelving and Racks

Shelving Economy Open (Shelving Economy Open.pdf)
Shelving Offset Rigid Frame Closed (Shelving Offset Rigid Frame Closed.pdf)
Shelving Slim Line (Shelving Slim Line.pdf)
Shelving V-Grip Bulk and Wire Rack (Shelving V-Grip Bulk and Wire Rack.pdf)
36″/48″ Shelving Wide Drawers – 200# Capacity (59ASY.pdf)
36″/48″ Shelving Wide Drawers – 400# Capacity (60ASY.pdf)
60″ Shelving Wide Drawers – 400# Capacity (138ASY.pdf)
36″/48″ New “S” Design Shelving Wide Drawers – 200# Capacity (218ASY.pdf)
Details for New “S” Design Drawer Slides (SDrawerSlideDetails.pdf)
V-Grip Wide Drawers 200 lb. (Shelving Wide Drawers 2.pdf)
V-Grip Wide Drawers 400 lb. (Shelving Wide Drawers 3.pdf)
Spool Rack – Storage Disk (Spool – Storage Disk.pdf)
Tire Rack (Tire Rack.pdf)
Versa Rack (Versa Rack.pdf)
Bar Rack (Bar Rack.pdf)
Bar Racks 2 (Bar Racks 2 .pdf)
Book Shelving (Book Shelving.pdf)
Bulk Storage Rack (Bulk Storage Rack.pdf)
Pick Rack (Pick Rack.pdf)


2-Piece Stairway (061ASY.pdf)
Stairway Riser Covers (62ASY.pdf)
Stairs – Crossover Bridge with Stairs (Stairs – Crossover Bridge with Stairs.pdf)
Ships Ladder (Ships Ladder.pdf)
IBC Stairway (215ASY.pdf)
Stairway – Bridge Crossover (Stairway – Bridge Crossover.pdf)
OSHA ‘F’ Series Stairway (216ASY.pdf)
OSHA ‘S’ Series Stairway (220ASY.pdf)
BOCA ‘U’ Series Stairway (214ASY.pdf)


Techbench Overhead Cabinet Door (Techbench Overhead Cabinet Door.pdf)
Techbench Overhead Door (Techbench Overhead Door.pdf)
Techbench Wall Mounted (Techbench Wall Mounted.pdf)
Techbench with Modular Drawers and Overheads (Techbench with Modular Drawers and Overheads.pdf)
Techbench (Techbench.pdf)


V-Grip Rack 2 (V Grip Rack 2 .pdf)
V-Grip Bulk and Wire Rack (V-Grip Bulk and Wire Rack.pdf)
V-Grip End Rail (V-Grip End Rail.pdf)
V-Grip Hanger Bar (V-Grip Hanger Bar.pdf)
V-Grip Rack (V-Grip Rack.pdf)
V-Grip Shelving Drawers (V-Grip Shelving Drawers.pdf)
V-Grip Shelving (V-Grip Shelving.pdf)
V-Grip Shelving (02ASY.pdf)
V-Grip Versarack (V-Grip Versarack.pdf)
V-Grip Wire Shelving (V-Grip Wire Shelving.pdf)


Closed Leg Workbench with Back Panel (Closed Leg Workbench with Back Panel.pdf)
Closed Leg Workbench (Closed Leg Workbench.pdf)
Workbench 295 (Workbench 295.pdf)
Workbench Aerial Shelf (Workbench Aerial Shelf.pdf)
Workbench Closed Leg Assembly (Workbench Closed Leg Assembly.pdf)
Workbench Wall Mount (Workbench Wall Mount.pdf)
Workbench – Open (Open Workbench.pdf)
Teardown Bench (Teardown Bench.pdf)


Workcenter – EQUIPTO Flex (Workcenter – EQUIPTOFlex.pdf)
Workcenter – Production Booster Shelf – Sloping (Workcenter – Production Booster Shelf Sloping.pdf)
Workcenter – Production Booster Shelf (Workcenter – Production Booster Shelf.pdf)
Workcenter – Modular Drawer and Closed Leg (Workcenter Modular Drawer and Closed Leg.pdf)
Workcenter – with Modular Drawer Cabinet and Closed Leg (Workcenter with Modular Drawer Cabinet – Closed Leg.pdf)
Workcenter – with Modular Drawer Cabinet and Open Leg (Workcenter with Modular Drawer Cabinet – Open Leg.pdf)


Zip-In Parts Bins (Zip In Parts Bins.pdf)
Zip-In Shelving (Zip In Shelving.pdf)
Zip-In (Zip In.pdf)
Zip-In Mezzanine (Zip-in Mezzanine.pdf)
Zip-In Shelving Attachment (Zip-in Shelving Attachment 2 .pdf)


V-Grip Closed Shelving
V-Grip Open Shelving
V-Grip Shelving Accessories