Industrial Shelving
& Rack Systems

Maximize and master your parts storage with EQUIPTO Shelving System and Rack Systems. Increase storage density in the same footprint with precision engineered shelves and racks designed for reliable performance.


Our expansive VGrip and Industrial Racking solution allows for various configurations to accommodate all different shapes, sizes, and weights of your items that need proper storage.

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The same versatile V-Grip design that gives you the flexibility to add wire shelving and lockable cabinets can also be configured so that all your modular drawers are between your shoulders and knees, or “GOLD ZONE”. Consequently, there’s no squatting, stretching or straining to store and retrieve parts and tools.

EQUIPTO V-Grip System

Making use of both drawers and shelving, EQUIPTO V-Grip™ storage systems provide the ultimate in storage adaptation and future flexibility.

EQUIPTO bulk rack system

For storage over 400lb, look no further than the Bulk Rack. The Bulk Rack with Solid or Wire shelving for heavier loads and wider units – 48″ to 96″ wide, 60″ to 84″ in height, 15″ to 48″ deep – in standard, medium and heavy duty.

Looking for specialty configurations? Reach out today to discuss your unique shelving and rack needs.

Tire rack Storage

Specialty configurations are available to optimize the storage of tires. Keep your tires organized and kept in an easy-to-reach place.

Heavy-Duty Bar Rack

Our heavy-duty cantilever shelving allows storing long and heavy pieces of equipment such as tubing, stock bar, and more.

Looking for specialty configurations? Reach out today to discuss your unique shelving and rack needs.

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V-Grip Shelving Cut Sheet

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V-Grip Evolution Info Sheet

V-Grip Shelving Cut Sheet

60" Drawers In Shelving Cut Sheet

Equipto Overview Brochure

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Expert In-House
Installation Team

EQUIPTO offers on-site installation by a team of dedicated in-house professionals. Because they work exclusively with EQUIPTO’s products, our experts know every facet of our designs, ensuring top-quality installation.

A Partner for Storage & Material Handling

EQUIPTO has the experience, expertise, and equipment to solve your most challenging storage needs.

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