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At schools, colleges, and science laboratories space is at a premium, so it’s critical that storage areas must be organized, secure and accessible.

EQUIPTO designs, develops, and delivers high-performing, long-lasting storage solutions for schools, colleges, and laboratories that expand storage capacity, maximize work areas, provide flexibility, enhance workflow and increase productivity.

EQUIPTO storage and lab storage cabinets feature rugged construction and attractive designs that make them perfect for any environment from the smallest grade school laboratory to the largest university.

Serving your industry

Schools and Education

An orderly school is usually an effective school. Keeping educational supplies, science equipment, personal belongings, musical instruments and athletic equipment organized and safe gives educators more time and space to focus on teaching.

EQUIPTO supplies an array of comprehensive, flexible, and secure school storage cabinets and storage solutions ideal for all types of educational facilities, including:

  • Grade Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Science Laboratories
  • Athletics Facilities
  • Locker Rooms
  • Trainer Rooms
  • Laundry Rooms

Educational facilities of all sizes use EQUIPTO’s durable, expertly engineered storage solutions to effectively and efficiently store and organize:

  • School Supplies
  • Musical Instruments and Band Equipment
  • Science Equipment
  • School Science Lab Workstations
  • Industrial & Shop Materials
  • Drafting & Art Supplies
  • Wardrobe & Teachers Supplies
  • Athletic Equipment and Supplies

Scientific and Research

Scientists and researchers need plenty of space to investigate and innovate, to explore and experiment. By having laboratory equipment and specialized supplies organized and safe, science laboratories, research facilities and pharmaceutical companies can spend more time making critical breakthroughs and advances.

EQUIPTO supplies an array of comprehensive, flexible, and secure storage solutions ideal for all types of scientific and research facilities, including:

  • University Research Facilities
  • Science Lab Workstations
  • Testing and Analysis Laboratories

In laboratories and research facilities of all sizes, use EQUIPTO’s durable, expertly engineered storage solutions to effectively and efficiently store and organize:

  • Laboratory Equipment
  • General Supplies
  • Science Lab Workstations
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Specialized Tools
  • Hazardous Chemicals

Supplying the ideal storage solution

Configure your own storage system using EQUIPTO’s high-quality products. EQUIPTO’s storage cabinets and laboratory storage cabinets meet the exact storage specifications of scientific and research facility, and your school and university. EQUIPTO storage cabinets can be installed quickly and changed easily as your space requirements change.

Our storage and lab storage products are available with a variety of accessories and options, including adjustable drawers, inclined display shelves, inner compartments and dividers and security features to help control access.

Lateral Mobile Aisle Shelving

  • Lateral track system creates two or three sliding rows of storage
  • Mounted independently to the floor in front of new or existing equipment
  • Perfect for alcoves and limited spaces

Storage Cabinets

  • Galvanized steel shelves
  • Internal and external welded construction
  • Steel reinforced double wall panel construction
  • Meets OSHA and nfPA code 30 specifications

Quick-View Cabinets

  • Offer easy visibility and security of personal belongings, books, files, equipment supplies parts

Desk/Counter High Cabinets

  • Double-door cabinet
  • Locking handles
  • Two interior shelves
  • One shelf
  • Add extra shelves to expand space

Wire Spool Racks for Maintenance Aisles

  • Organize and retrieve wire, cable, chain, hose, rope, tubing
  • 7-shelf reel rack adjustable on 1 ½” centers
  • Fiberboard on shelves to deaden noise and prevent excessive uncoiling

Bar Racks

  • Specialty bar rack
  • Single or double face
  • Two heights, three widths, two depths
  • Shelves optional available

Modular Drawers

  • Rugged 12 gauge steel frames
  • Centralized control system
  • 200 and 400 lb. drawer capacity options

Your Partner for Storage and Material Handling

EQUIPTO has the experience, expertise and the equipment to solve your most challenging storage needs.

  • In-house experts provide on-site, high-quality installation
  • Company in operation for more than a century
  • Products made in America
  • Engineered with high-quality material
  • Built for high load capacities
  • Quick order turnaround.
  • Equipment sold and distributed across the United States, Asia, Africa, Central America and South America
  • Diverse customer list – from Harley Davidson and Boeing to Spencer Gifts
  • Global headquarters in Tatamy, Pa.


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