Stairways and crosswalks

Stairways, Ship’s Ladders and Crossover Bridges

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Stairways and crosswalks

Navigating your busy workspace and vital storage areas should be a smooth, safe journey.

EQUIPTO designs, develops and delivers high-performing, long-lasting warehouse stairways, ship’s ladders and crossover bridges to help you traverse and monitor your warehouse, manufacturing facility and other workspace securely, easily and efficiently.

EQUIPTO’s warehouse stairways, ship’s ladders and crossover bridges provide:

  • Safe, secure routes throughout your workspace
  • Paths around and over platforms, equipment, roofs, pits, trenches
  • Access for machinery repair
  • Areas for inspection or observation
  • OSHA compliant & IBC compliant accessibility

Industrial Stairway & Crossover Product Features

EQUIPTO’s warehouse stairways, ship’s ladders, and crossover bridges are precisely engineered, expertly manufactured, and rigidly tested to provide the performance and safety you require.


Stairways and crosswalks

EQUIPTO’s warehouse stairways:

  • Extended, contoured handrails
  • Innovative post design
  • Non-skid treads
  • More than 200 sizes available
  • Exceed OSHA and IBC standards
  • Conform to seismic code upon request
  • Hot dipped galvanized steel construction
  • Prefabricated
  • Easy to assembly
  • Cost-effective


Ship’s Ladders

EQUIPTO manufactures durable, reliable Ship’s Ladders that provide safe, multi-level access up to platforms and roofs, and down to pits, trenches or wells.

  • Non-skid treads for firm footing
  • Wide hand rails extend above top stair tread
  • Integrates easily with other EQUIPTO components

Crossover Bridges

EQUIPTO’s prefabricated crossover bridges provide safe passage over conveyors, equipment, machinery, ducts, pipes and other obstacles. Crossover bridges can be used as observation platforms inside your plant or outside in the field.

  • Prefabricated
  • Easy to assemble: No cutting or welding required
  • Galvanized non-skid steps and platform
  • Meet OSHA standards
  • Can handle 125 pounds per square foot
  • Provide vertical clearance from 42 inches to 123 inches
  • Available heights range from 7 feet to almost 14 feet


Expert In-House Installation Team

EQUIPTO offers on-site installation by a team of dedicated in-house professionals. Because they work exclusively with EQUIPTO’s products, our experts know every facet of our designs, ensuring top-quality installation.

Supplying the Right Systems for Your Industry

From the smallest workshop to the largest eCommerce fulfillment facility, EQUIPTO provides warehouse stairways and industrial platform crossovers for a wide variety of industries and businesses:

Ecommerce Distribution/Fulfillment

  • Warehouses
  • Fulfillment centers


  • Dealerships
  • Parts warehouses


  • Home improvement stores
  • Storage facilities
  • Large-scale warehouses


  • Workshops
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Manufacturing facilities


A Partner for Storage and Material Handling

EQUIPTO has the experience, expertise, and equipment to solve your most challenging storage needs.

  • In-house experts provide on-site, high-quality installation
  • Company in operation for more than a century
  • Products made in America
  • Equipment sold and distributed across the United States, Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America
  • Diverse customer list – from Harley Davidson and Boeing to Spencer Gifts
  • Global headquarters in Tatamy, PA


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